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"All is good. Easy to install and works as advertised. I would recommend this product."

Robert Heath, Ontario Canada


"Definitely would recommend a All In Charge system for your boat if you fish a lot like I do. I use to have battery problems on the water but not anymore. If your outboard motor is running your batteries will be getting a charge from this product. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you can stay out fishing and make longer runs to find better fishing spots. I guide on and around The Harris Chain of Lakes and this product is the most useful thing I bought in a long time. All In Charge has amazing customer service , have a problem they will walk you through the install. Great group of people with an amazing product. Thank you!

Captain Mark of CPR Bass Charters.


"This year I’ll be robbing Peter to pay Paul. Giving the amount of time and money we ALL invest in this sport, having our batteries constantly full is a necessity, not an option. @allincharge.

Josh Douglas, Josh Douglas Fishing.


"Seeing the all in charge work last night. I didnt charge my 2 trolling motor batteries in order to see it work. After a 15 minute truck ride to the lake and a couple hours of trolling with the big motor, all three batteries were at a full charge for my night casting. Going to come in handy for long days in Canada! Thank you John Hess and Jim Payne!"

Tony Palesch, Canada.

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"I have been using this charger for years and I love it! It keeps all my batteries charged while I am riding around on the lake. At the end of the day, when other guys have near dead batteries from their trolling motor and electronics, I don't because my 12/24v Smart Box was charging my 3 of my batteries every time my big outboard engine ran. Not only does this charge them but it maintains them. I have two Interstate Batteries in my boat and both were purchased in 2007 and are still running my trolling motor beautifully thanks to the way this charger maintains my batteries. I no longer have to bring extension cords and chargers when I go on the road because I know towing my boat to and from the lake, as well when I am riding around on the lake in my boat, ALL 3 of my batteries are always being charged."

Jared Pease


"Okay.. I’ll be the first admit that I was skeptical. However, I must admit that was the easiest install I have ever done. If I could change anything about the All-in+charge box it would be to include a couple of screws and a small tube of silicon.The hardest part of this install was figuring out where to mount the box. Inside the box is the All-in+Charge box.. which has 3 wires (black, white and red) running out the bottem and a plug that connects to the main (cranking) battery. Except for connecting the actual box its just a matter of unscrewing the nuts on the top of the battery terminals and connecting the correct colors to the correct terminal. After connecting the system up I went to the local lake. Firing up the engine resulted in the system firing up and the smart box displaying two red lights. One was solid red and the other blinking. Of course this unit doesn’t charge quickly but, I have extended the days on the water as a result.  The All-in+Charge box installed in my 99 Fiberglass G3. Not an ideal location but I am very limited on space in that compartment. "

Dale Herring

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"Experience the Stay’N Charge Method
When I first talked to President Jim Payne about his new Stay-N-Charge battery system, it was a story to good to be true. What really caught my ears was when he told me that I shouldn’t have to worry about plugging in the boat after a long hard day of fishing. So let me get this straight your telling me that after 8 or more hours of fishing I can come home unhook the boat and go relax until the next fishing day and not worry about if my batteries are charged. He replied “Heck yeah man, It’s awesome”.

The Stay-N-Charge battery system will charge almost 3 batteries from fully dead to about 98% charged within a short 2 hours of driving time. Whether your driving on the highway or around town the Stay-N-Charge battery system will still be putting the same amount of amps into your batteries as long as they need charge. So that means if you have an hour drive from the lake and then another hour drive back to the lake your batteries should be fully charged by the time you unhook and launch your boat. Remember the charging system will charge almost 3 batteries from FULLY dead to 98% within 2 hours. Need less to say I dought your batteries are going to be fully dead after a day of fishing.

Another huge plus to the Stay-N-Charge battery system is that it will charge your batteries with a DC charge not an AC charge. What does this mean you might ask? Well ask yourself how long is the average life on your boat batteries? Maybe 3-4 years right. Now ask yourself how long your car or truck batteries last? Probably an average of 5-7 years. The reason for this is that your boat batteries are taking a charge from an AC charger not a DC charger like your car or truck battery. Besides the longer battery life you get from the Stay-N-Charge battery system you also maximize the battery itself. It has been proven that an AC charger will only charge the battery to about 88% of its full capacity. When you are using a DC charge it will charge your battery to about 98% of its full capacity. That in turn will give you longer time on the water.

Many people have worried about the Stay-N-Charge battery system interfering with the vehicles computer or electrical systems. The real truth is that it doesn’t have anything to do with it, if it did I tell you I wouldn’t be using it. It takes about an hour to install in your vehicle and boat and it is really simple when you think about it.  All it is really doing is taking the left over charge from your alternator and running it back to the batteries in your boat. If a battery doesn’t need charge it won’t take charge but since you have your Stay-N-Charge battery system installed it will run that same charge to the batteries that need the charge.

The concept to the Stay-N-Charge battery system is almost too easy to believe. I think everyone that does tournaments out of town can relate to this problem. You were the last one off the water on a pre-fish day. You look around and can’t find anywhere to plug in the boat. Now what? Well, if you had a Stay-N-Charge installed you could let your vehicle idle for an hour or so while you tie your lines and get ready for the big day tomorrow. When you get up in the morning start you vehicle, take the boat cover off and do some final preparations maybe grab some coffee and donuts and head to the launch. You will have no worries about the batteries not being charged because by the time you get to the launch those 2 hours of charging are just about done.

The Stay-N-Charge battery system gives me one more thing not to worry about when I get home because I know my batteries are charged. To tell you the truth I haven’t had to plug my boat in all year giving a huge thanks to Stay-N-Charge. It makes a long day on the water so much easier when I can go home unhook the boat and relax.


Tony Atwood, Pro Bass Fisherman & Guide

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"Posted a while back on here the question “Anyone on here use Stay n Charge?” Well, just wanted to post my personal results. The link to the original older post is below if anyone is interested.…rge#Post6022643

A little background on me first. I live in a neighborhood up in McKinney that has a very active homeowners association. I also have some crappy neighbors that think it’s their job to call in any “violations”, especially a boat in the neighborhood that they know will be parked there overnight, anytime they see it.

I also didn’t want to pay over $120 per month at my local storage lot in order to have it plugged in all the time. Quite happy paying well under half that and throwning a cover on it.

I used to have to bring my boat home the night before a trip, run an extention cord out to the street, and then top of the batteries while I slept. Then after my trip I’d bring the boat home and do it all over again to get them charged up before putting the boat into storage.

After some research and looking for reviews for the “Stay N Charge” system I decided it was at least worth a try. Well, I could not be happier!! It was extremely easy to install, and so far seems to be working great.

Now my typical trip is a one day affair, instead of a day and two nights. I load up my truck that morning with rods, tackle, and whatever else is in my garage that I don’t keep in the boat. Go to the storage lot, and hook up the boat. The minute I plug into the boat it starts charging the batteries from my trucks alternator. Closest body of water to me is Ray Roberts, which is a 30 minute drive. If you factor that, plus a little time to transfer stuff into the boat, etc, it probably gets 45-50 min of charging before its actually launched. Even more for a Fork trip. It probably gets 2 full hours or very close to it. That also doesn’t account for all the times I start the big motor up and make a run to another spot. It may only run 5 min, or it may run 15-20 mins depending on how far I go on the lake. Or how far I idle through stump fields. All that time is beneficial and charging all batteries. At the end of the day I drive straight to the storage lot and drop off the boat.

To those that don’t think it’s enough charge time, I can’t say either way honestly. My old Minnkota 3 bank charger was nice because it had lights that would turn green when the batteries were “full” (whatever that really means). But what I didn’t like was it would only charge them when the boat was parked somewhere. That didn’t work well for me. It made me into a slave of the batteries, made my neighbors grumpy, and I made a whole lot more trips out of my way for one fishing trip.

I don’t know whether or not my batteries are “full” or not when I go now. But what I do know is my engine starts right up, and my trolling batteries last me all day.

Here are the perks for me:

1. No more grumpy neighbors or homeowners letters.
2. No more extra trips to boat storage 15-20 min each way. Remember, I was going the night before and the day after. At almost $4 a gallon for gas, that’s less money out of pocket.
3. No more worrying about having stuff stolen or vandalized while my boat is parked outside my house overnight. (Always worried about this one. Recently had a buddy tell me his GPS disappeared off of his driveway. Other guy’s have had props stolen, etc . . . . . . )
4. Do it all in one day! My wife likes this one most. Used to be, I’d say I’m going fishing Friday. She knew that meant I had to start prepping Thursday afternoon and the boat would be attached to my truck until Saturday morning sometime.

5. Because of the one above (#4) I’ve been going more often. Since it’s a lot less work and hassle, I’m enjoying fishing more often. It’s a lot less hassle.
6. No more finding a plug that works to charge up when on a trip (especially a hotel parking lot).
7. 19 less lbs. in back of boat. Not much I know, but it’s gotta help a little right? Old MK330 weighs 20 lbs, Stay N Charge weighs less than 1.

Now I know most of you guys that pay for a enclosed storage that has power are saying big deal right now. And honestly thats fine. I understand that being able to go straight to the lake and having fully charged batteries is what you are used to. But for me, $120 a month was not in the budget, and with my neighborhood I was not enjoying fishing as much as I should. I feel like now I’m getting all of the perks that I wish I could afford before, without the cost out of pocket. I ran some calculations and I think I’m saving around $1,100 per year. Only thing that I don’t know, and won’t know for a while is whether or not my batteries will last (since I have know way of knowing if I’m storing/using them at full capacity). But honestly with all of the trade offs and benefits for my immediate situation, I don’t care. With what I’m saving, I can afford to buy new batteries if needed.

Anyway, this review is much longer than I thought it would be. But I just wanted to pass along what I liked about it for anyone else in a similar situation as me.

Jay "Jeepthing" Bush, Registered Architect, AIA

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"OK guys, Hang on!!! First, I am NOT on the Stay n Charge Team, and I have only talked with StaynCharge on the phone once to correct my stupid wiring thoughts. Here is 3 years of results from Stay n Charge system on MY boat!

1. I have yet to run out of trolling power on the water!

2. I have yet replaced my batteries and I check them before hitting the water each time.

3. The system WILL charge my TM batteries in around 10 minutes of running time. Are they full charge? Have no idea, I fish, let the system do it’s thing and I do mine. As long as it is working why would I even worry about looking to see?

4. I have a friend that has a 12V system and the company sent him a off the shelf new trial that they where working on, talked with him on the phone, even called to check and see if he like the system. He LOVES it!!!!

5. I don’t care about numbers, amps, volts, time, ect….. yall can argue till the end of time about what it should do, should not do, does do, and I don’t care!!! The system WORKS, PERIOD.

Now, lets put this to rest, and if you want to argue, purchase a system, be HONEST in your report and you too, no matter what the numbers are or what they should be, will be extremely happy with the system."

Lee Smith, El Grand Lures, Kistler Rods, Karu Lures

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"Its now been about two weeks using the stayncharge system. Ive been out four times with it and batteries are at full charge. Why dont boats come with these things! If anyone is looking to get away from the cord this thing is for you! System was 300.00 and well worth it!"

Bite Me

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"Started off on my first trip out with stayncharge installed. My batteries hadnt been charged in a week. Last outing was about seven hours. I fished yesterday from 6am to 7pm on Clear Lake with NO problems. Loaded the boat and checked my batteries all were at full charge!! If your waiting to get this system dont wait! I wont be pluggin in anytime soon."

Bite Me

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"Mine was installed early last Summer, the installation was pretty easy.. I spliced my Stay N Charge cable into my winch cable which conects to the battery via a TM plug..
my normal trips are about 20 minutes..I have never had to use a portable charger yet..the cost was about 50 bucks. it has paid for itself.  I highly recomend a Stay N Charge.."

Andre J.



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