Charge your 12-volt accessory or dump trailer battery while driving or idling with the Stow-In-Charge 12-Volt Battery Charger. The Stow-In-Charge charges your 12-volt battery through your vehicle’s 7 prong harness battery feed while offering all of your trailer electrical needs.




The Stow-In-Charge works great for camping, dump trailers, and other off-grid applications.


Durable design with high quality 10 gauge wire and components.


Simple plug & play functionality.


What We Include:


Includes our patented 7-prong harness and 10 foot wire harness.


Includes a 90 day money back guarantee and 3 year limited warranty.




7 prong harness: 12″L

Terminal wire harness: 10ft

Total weight: 1lb 7 ounces




For information on how to charge two, three, or four 12-volt accessory batteries from your vehicle’s 7 prong harness battery feed, please message us at

Stow-In-Charge 12-Volt DC-DC Battery Charger