No more running out of trolling motor battery power on the water. The All-In-Charge 12/24v Smart Box charges up to two 12-volt accessory batteries from your boat’s alternator. Charge your 12 volt batteries while you drive or sit in idle.


All-In-Charge Smart Box technology reduces strain on your starting battery and alternator by engaging only after your starting battery is at 13 volts.


All-In-Charge Smart Box chargers charge the lowest charged battery first and one at a time, which reduces the chance of heat generation and charges multiple batteries more efficiently than other mobile 12-volt chargers.




  • Durable design with high quality 10 gauge wire and components.
  • Due to the safety features of All-In-Charge chargers, they will not harm alternators or void warrantes on motors or electronics.


What We Include:


Includes 12/24v Smart Box and 10 foot circuit breaker wire harness.


Includes a 90 day money back guarantee and 3 year limited warranty.




Box: 3″L x 3″W x 1″H

Upper box wiring: 10″

Lower box wiring: 46″

Wire harness: 10ft

Total weight: 1lb 12 ounces

12/24v Smart Box DC-DC Charger