Our Story

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Our Mission

One of the most frustrating things to deal with on the water when fishing is running out of trolling motor power due to low batteries. At All-In-Charge, our mission is to provide 12-volt battery charging capability virtually anywhere our customers are located.  No more worrying about running out of battery power again.  Charge at home, charge on the road, or charge on the water.


Jim Payne, Founder and President

All-in-Charge History

All-In-Charge, formerly Retrotec Inc, was founded in 1998 by engineer and U.S. Veteran, Jim Payne. Since then, Jim has helped thousands of satisfied customers extend their 12-volt battery usage when off of the grid with his Stay'NCharge DC to DC 12-volt battery chargers.

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Today with All-In-Charge, our new and improved 12-volt battery charging systems continue to keep our valued customers in charge of their battery power, no matter the location.

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Our Owners


Jim Payne, President

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John Hess, Chief Operating Officer

A Message from the COO

Like many fishing addicts, I spent many days on the water fishing bass tournaments and chasing walleyes for fun. No matter how full my trolling motor and accessory batteries were in the morning, there were days when I would run out of power due to high wind, high current, or extra time on the trolling motor. Some mornings I even found that my batteries didn’t charge overnight due to user error or a power failure. I always thought that there had to be some way to charge my batteries on the water so my day of fishing wouldn't come to an abrupt end.


Enter Jim Payne. I got a call from Jim in 2007 while I was practicing for tournament in Florida. Jim let me know about his company Stay’NCharge and his products, which would allow me to charge my batteries from my big motor on the lake and my truck while towing my boat. Shorty after that I was on the Stay’NCharge Pro Staff and very happy that I left my battery issues behind. 8 years later Jim and I teamed up and renamed the company All-In-Charge. 


Today our advanced technology continues to keep anglers and outdoorsmen on the water and off-the-grid longer without the need to rely on traditional electricity. If you would like the piece of mind knowing that your trolling motor or accessory batteries are charging whenever your boat or truck motor is running, give our chargers a try.

John Hess