Charge on the road. Charge at the job site.


All-In-Charge provides the ability to charge 6 & 12-Volt batteries when on the road, or at the job site. We can customize battery charging systems to meet any of your industrial equipment needs. No more leaving the job site or halting work due to low batteries.


Our charging systems cover any size or type of 6 or 12-volt batteries for man lifts, dump trailers, and other industrial applications.

Reduce electricity costs.

Great for construction and machinery rental companies.

How Does All-In-Charge Technology Charge My Equipment Batteries?

All-In-Charge Smart Box & Tow combo charging systems work by allocating the charge of the towing vehicle's starting battery to equipment batteries after the starting battery is at 13 volts. 


All-In-Charge Smart Box chargers protect vehicle starting batteries from being drawn down by disengaging once the towing vehicle's starting battery falls below 13 volts.


Customized Applications

To learn more about how we can help customize your specific charging application, please reach out to us by clicking the "contact us" button at the top of the page.

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