Frequently Asked Questions

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All-in-Charge Product FAQs

Where do I find a manual for installing and operating my All-In-Charge charger?

Please visit our Manuals & Installation page to view or print your All-In-Charge charger manual.

Why does it take a minute for my Smart Box to start charging my trolling motor batteries after I start my boat?

To protect the starting power of your cranking battery, our Smart Box chargers are designed to only engage when your cranking battery is at or over 13 volts.

Will All-In-Charge chargers void my battery, motor, or electronics warranty?

All-In-Charge chargers should not void any manufacturer warranties on motors, batteries, or electronics. If your mechanic or installer has any questions or concerns on the functionality of All-In-Charge chargers, please have them message us at

Why is my Smart Box running when my big motor is not on?

Your Smart Box should run anytime that your cranking battery has a charge over 13 volts. Once the charge drops below 13 volts, the Smart Box will disengage to protect your starting battery from falling too low in voltage.

What makes All-In-Charge stand out from the competition?

Safety, experience, and reliability. All-In-Charge chargers were the first of their kind on the market and because of their safety features, they are the most dependable and trouble free systems on the market today. All-In Charge chargers charge your lowest battery first and only one battery at a time, reducing the chance to generate heat that could otherwise damage and reduce the life of batteries.

My Tow-In-Charge or Stow-In-Charge has no volts running to my battery.

A standard 7-way round trailer connector (flat pin) input has the ability to offer a battery feed when your vehicle’s key is in the run position. This feature should be included with your tow-package. If you have no charge coming from your Tow-In-Charge or Stow-In-Charge system when plugged in, contact your local vehicle model dealership for an appointment to properly activate this feature.

Do I have to worry about my Tow-In-Charge or Stow-In-Charge draining my vehicle’s starting battery?

Some vehicles may not have an auto-disconnect for the battery feed when the engine is not running. Please test the battery feed of your Tow-In-Charge or Stow-In-Charge when your vehicle is not running to make sure that the battery feed is not hot. If the battery feed is hot when your vehicle engine is NOT running, make sure to disconnect your Tow-In-Charge or Stow-In-Charge to prevent drain on our starting battery.



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